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Raspberry Pi 4 and Kali

We love the Raspberry Pi, and judging by the response we got to a late night tweet we sent out last weekend a lot of you love the Pi too!Because of that, when the Pi 4 dropped we wanted to get Kali supported on it right away. Source: Raspberry Pi 4 and Kali | Kali […]

Kali Linux in the DigitalOcean Cloud

One feature in particular distinguishes DigitalOcean from other cloud offerings. A little while ago, they added support for custom images, which allows us to import virtual machines disks and use them as droplets. This is perfect for us, so we can use own versions of Kali Linux in their cloud. Source: Kali Linux in the […]

Kali Linux 2019.2 Release

Welcome to our second release of 2019, Kali Linux 2019.2, which is available for immediate download. This release brings our kernel up to version 4.19.28, fixes numerous bugs, includes many updated packages, and most excitingly, features a new release of Kali Linux NetHunter! Source: Kali Linux 2019.2 Release | Kali Linux

Tor Browser 8.0.7

Everything you need to safely browse the Internet. Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Source: Tor Browser 8.0.7 – Neowin

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