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[H]ardOCP: Happy Birthday, Linux!

While some would argue that October 5, 1991 is the actual birthday of Linux (that was when prototype code first dropped), today marks the anniversary of when Linus Torvalds first revealed he was working on a modest “hobby” OS that would go on to “revolutionize the world.” To celebrate, OMG! Ubuntu! has rounded up 27 interesting facts about Linux, which includes Steve Jobs offering Linus Torvalds a job in 2000 on the condition he stopped working on Linux (thankfully, he declined).Linux is now the dominant OS in cloud, in IoT, and on mobile. And while it might not have “won” the desktop war there’s no denying that its collaborative, freely available nature has had a major influence on its competitors. The beating heart of the modern world; an omnipresent force pervading daily digital life. Linux is everywhere — from powering high-speed trains and and high-end supercomputers to smartphones, space faring robots, and super-secure routers.Discussion

Source: [H]ardOCP: Happy Birthday, Linux!